Holidays to be observed in 2022

03-Jan-2022 (Mon)* New Year’s Day
26-Jan-2022 (Wed) Australia Day
01-Feb-2022 (Tue) Chinese New Year
25-Feb-2022 (Fri) EDSA Anniversary
14-Mar-2022 (Mon) Victoria Labor Day
14-Apr-2022 (Thu) Maundy Thursday
15-Apr-2022 (Fri) Good Friday
18-Apr-2022 (Mon) Easter Monday
25-Apr-2022 (Mon) ANZAC Day
02-May-2022 (Mon) Eid’l Fitr
13-Jun-2022 (Mon) Queen’s Birthday
11-Jul-2022 (Mon) Eid’l Adha
29-Aug-2022 (Mon) National Heroes Day
03-Oct-2022 (Mon) Australia Labor Day
01-Nov-2022 (Tue) All Saints’ Day
30-Nov-2022 (Wed) Bonifacio Day
08-Dec-2022 (Thu) Immaculate Conception
26-Dec-2022 (Mon) Boxing Day
27-Dec-2022 (Tue)** Christmas holiday
30-Dec-2022 (Fri) Rizal Day

* - As New Year's day falls on Saturday, the following Monday is an additional public holiday
** - As Christmas Day fails on Sunday, the following Tuesday is an additional public holiday